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Thank you for choosing the Lifestyle brand to complete your project. Please fill out completely the Warranty Service Request Form.

Warranty Service Request



  • *NOTE: All warranty service requests to Lifestyle Flooring will be submitted in accordance with the signed and executed warranty procedures executed between Lifestyle Flooring and your company. If this form is not completed properly, please understand that your request will not be submitted for completion until all information is received.


    *Pictures requested/location of area

Repairs not covered by Warranty

  1. Stains
  2. Any restretch that is the result of carpet being pulled up to run wires underneath or repair floors.
  3. Squeaking floors.
  4. Tap down tack strip nails. These nails stick up at a uniform height and are critical to holding the carpet in place. Lifestyle will have to void the carpet warranty if they hammer these down. You should encourage the customer to wrap a towel around a hammer and gently tap them down if they find them too annoying.
  5. Pet Damage or water damage.

  1. Grout discoloring. Grout does not change color after it dries unless something topical has affected it. Walkways will look darker because of dirt and traffic on the surface. Any substance spilled on the grout can change the color including bleach or vinegar added to water for cleaning floors. Grout in showers will look darker when sprayed with water. If the home builder has inspected the complaint and still feels the grout is defective, Lifestyle request the homebuilder to submit a picture of the area and the manufacturer will be contacted immediately.
  2. Lifestyle will do a one-time courtesy touch up on all grout and caulk.
  3. Hollow tiles are not covered by warranty.
  4. Chipped tiles are not covered by warranty.
  5. Broken or chipped sills will not be covered by warranty.

  1. Tears or cuts in vinyl will not be covered by warranty.
  2. Pet stains or water damage will not be covered by warranty.

  1. Pet stains or water damage will not be covered by warranty.
  2. Scratches or dings will not be covered by warranty.


Your assistance is needed to properly correct the item(s) submitted. This work will be scheduled once all paperwork is properly completed on Lifestyle Flooring warranty service requests forms submitted electronically (warranty@lifestyleflooringinc.com ) or through the website. Once Lifestyle Flooring receives the paperwork, the work will be scheduled within 10 days and the homeowner and home builder will be notified accordingly. If Lifestyle Flooring incurs travel expenses due to information not correctly submitted or communicated, there will be an added fee for wrongly submitted information and/or descriptions.